Plasma Bevel Head

Compact & Lightweight

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CNC Plasma Cutting Bevel Head

The PCS Zero Offset Plasma Bevel Head is a patent protected, revolutionary design that is fully programmable to cut parts with bevel and straight cuts. This multitasking method will eliminate double handling of material and parts which in turn will save your business time and money!


Lightweight, Fast and Precise!

  • Unlike other bulkier and cumbersome designs currently available, the PCS Plasma Bevel Head is extremely compact and lightweight (~50kg). This allows super-fast acceleration and top speed (up to 90 degrees/sec) and allows the head to achieve any angle (+/- 47 degrees) rapidly and precisely which in turn results in greater productivity and less plate wastage.  As a result of its innovative yet simple design, the PCS Bevel Head also allows easy setup and adjustment of the focal point.

Zero Offset!

  • The PCS Plasma Bevel Head is a truly ZERO OFFSET design. This means that it can achieve all of its angles without any offset movement from the cutting machines X, Y, Z axis.  Other designs currently available rely on offset movements from the cutting machines X, Y, Z axis for the bevel head to achieve its angles.  This often results in slower, less repeatable motion.  With the PCS Bevel Head the machine remains completely stationary while the PCS Bevel Head achieves its angles.

No twisting/working of cables and hoses!

  • The PCS Plasma Bevel Head is extremely gentle on the torch leads and cables. This is because there is NO ROTATION involved.  The torch TILTS rather than rotates to achieve its angles.  Other designs currently available rely on the torch rotating within a bearing mount, which is prone to failure and destruction of torch leads and cables.  This is not the case with the PCS Plasma Bevel Head and amounts to lower maintenance costs and lesser downtime.

Top Quality Parts and Workmanship

  • The PCS Plasma Bevel Head is a precision device and as such utilises high quality components and is built to an extremely high standard. With several units in operation world-wide, PCS stand by their product offering first class service, support and spare parts.


PCS Plasma Bevel Head Diagram

Side-Side movement95o
Forward-Back movement95o
Full Rotation360o
Speed1o/0.02 Seconds
Operating HeightBevel Head body 39mm from cutting surface
Weight84 kg
Drive motors and Gearboxes:Side-Side– 0.90kW AC, 1.8Nm Max Torque Rexroth AC servo motor with planetary grease packed 50:1 Gearbox
Forward-Back– 1.86kW AC, 8.1 Nm Max Torque Rexroth servo motor with planetary grease packed 5:1 Gearbox
Lifter– 1.86kW AC, 8.1 Nm Max Torque Rexroth servo motor
LifterBosch Rexroth CK20 Linear Module 320mm Stroke
Height ControlAutomatic SHC
Bearings:Pivot Bearings– All Pivot Bearings are Combination Pivot Thrust Type
Forward-Back– Linear Guide-Ball Screw Driven
Side-Side– Precision Angular Contact
Torch Holder– Linear Rail Type
HomingAbsolute Encoders
Over Travel LimitsSoftware Controlled with Proximity Fail Safe
Bevel Head Material:Body & Moving Components– Stainless Steel
Carriage & Torch Holder– Aluminum

Plasma Bevel Brochure

Download the PCS Plasma
Bevel Head Brochure Here


The results speak for themselves! The unsurpassed cut quality seen below was cut using a PCS4000EHD equipped with Plasma Bevel Head, Spirit275a Plasma System and Burny10 LCD Plus CNC: