Oxy Bevel Head with Triple Cutting Torches

Infinite Rotation

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Triple Burner Oxy Fuel Bevel cutting head













This unique PCS Oxy Bevel Head (a.k.a Plate Edge Preparation System, Triple Burner Head) combines 3 flame torches to cut bevels at the same time as cutting the component outline. 3 cutting torches rotate through 360° and a bevel angle of up to +45°.  Infinite rotation is achieved via the use of a special air-cooled rotary chamber.  Therefore the Oxy Bevel Head can rotate without twisting hoses/cables or the need to unwind itself.

Key Benefits:

  • By adjusting the angle of the outside torches, the Land, Bottom and Top bevel can be cut in one pass
  • Ability to be retrofitted to existing cutting machines
  • Automatic Torch Height Control – the torch height is controlled by an extremely accurate electronic device that follows the contour of the plate
  • The P.E.P system is protected from heat to ensure reliability and accuracy. Air is passed through the heads structure to provide cooling
  • Torches are fed with Gasses that are distributed through a rotating teflon-lined manifold. This system provides endless rotation without twisting any cables or hoses

PCS4000HD with PCS Oxy Bevel Head cutting a triple pass (K Bevel)

PCS CNC Oxy Fuel Bevel Cutting Head