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PCS BHB – The Ultimate Combination Cutting and Drilling Machine

With strong emphasis on making the most ridged, durable and powerful CNC Plasma cutting and drilling machine on the market, the PCS BHB Series machine is the most productive cutting and drilling machine available.  Boasting a 60HP BT-50 main spindle, 24 station Automatic Tool Changer, fully fabricated and engineered main beam – The BHB makes light work of even the most demanding and complicated jobs.

PCS EHD – High Performance Cutting and Drilling Machine

The PCS Heavy Duty (EHD) CNC cutting machine was first introduced in 1989 and was designed to suit extreme environments often encountered in large steel processing centers. The EHD machine soon gained the reputation of a ‘workhorse’ thanks to its reliability and longevity. It has since evolved into a state-of-the-art cutting machine with options ranging from Plasma Beveling, Oxy/Fuel Beveling, Drilling, Tapping, Machining, Pipe Cutting, Pin Marking, Paint-Jet Marking and much more.

PCS SRII – Affordable High Quality CNC Plasma Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine

The all new PCS-SRII machine was designed by PCS to be an efficient, high quality and cost effective CNC Plasma Cutting Machine. But don’t be mistaken, the PCS-SR cutting machine will make light work of even the heaviest steel plate, with options of up to 6 Oxy Fuel torches and a Plasma Cutter up to 400 amps!

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Manufacturer of latest technology Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Gas and Plasma Cutting Machines

PCS is at the forefront of design, manufacturing, installation and servicing of CNC plasma cutting machines, Oxy Fuel cutting machines and CNC Plasma cutting and drilling machines with over 500 CNC plasma cutters and Oxy Fuel cutting machines worldwide and international sales and support spanning Australia, Europe, Asia, South East Asia and America.  

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PCS have a strong belief of keeping up with Technology and Innovation.

The PCS research and development team are continually designing and developing new and innovative products such as the new PCS Plasma Bevel Head , BT-40 retrofittable Drilling Head and now up to 60HP Single Spindle Drill with 24 tool Automatic Tool Changer!

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