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The all new PCS-SR II CNC plasma cutter was designed by PCS to be an efficient, high quality and cost effective CNC plasma cutting machine. But don’t be mistaken, the PCS-SR II CNC plasma cutting machine will make light work of even the heaviest steel plate, with options of up to 6 gas torches and a Plasma system up to 400 amps! The machine carriage is an all welded construction with a transverse box beam section and heavy duty modular side supports which run on a stepped rail design for maximum precision and stability. This design also makes for easy and efficient loading and unloading of material. The drive system consists 3 x 900 Watt custom wound Burny motors and substantial 30mm helical rack and pinion drive and precision machined rail. With this state of the art AC dual drive system, the PCS-SR will perform to even the strictest of tolerances.

PCS SR at a glance:

High quality linear bearingsHigh quality Rack and PinionDual drive CNC Plasma Cutter
High Quality THK linear rail with centralised greasing points for ease of maintenanceHardened 30mm HELICAL rack and pinion (standard on all SR models as of 01/01/2015)3 x AC Servo drive axis each with 1kW motor and 20:1 planetary gearbox

A popular combination to suit a variety of applications. 1 x High Definition plasma torch and 2 x Oxy Fuel torches covers material from 1mm to 300mm thick!

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