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PCS Plate Marking System

PCS choose the MARKATOR Pin Marking system for machine mounted automatic marking of steel plate.

The compact CNC dot peen marker MV5 is used for rational, durable and gentle marking of a wide range of plate – from Aluminium to Mild Steel through to Hardened Alloys. The technology adapted by PCS is designed for large quantities and short cycle times.

The marking axes are driven by two brushless stepper motors which guarantee optimal wear behaviour. Due to the hardened, ground and chromed guides in connection with a combination of a self-lubricating slide and ball bush bearings, all dot peen markers work maintenance-free. The unit itself is mounted onto a PCS lifter which is controlled by a Bosch Rexroth Servo Motor for rapid movement to and from the plate surface.

The marking is produced by a full carbide-marking pin. This marking pin is available in several sizes which provide the required adjustment needed to mark on different materials. The pneumatically driven marking pin oscillates quickly and can be reground several times. The stylus for the seating of the marking pin is maintenance-free.

All MARKATOR systems sold by Profile Cutting Systems have their main circuit boards coated in circuit board lacquer to increase the overall reliability of the marking head.

PCS Plate Marking MV5 System Stats