PCS Paintjet Marker System

Industrial Paintjet Engraving Systems using 7 x 5 Dot print matrix

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PCS Paintjet Marking System Demo


  • Print head 7 dots with adjustable print height 3 – 27mm
  • 7 x 5 Dot print matrix
  • Print Speed @ max traverse speed (20m/min)
  • Character orientation, normal, upside down forwards backwards
  • Proportional print
  • Character spacing and character width is adjustable
  • Automatic text repeat
  • Easy to use with Burny 10 LCD+ CNC – Automatic via “Command Messaging” function
  • Serial interface RS 422
  • Power Supply 230V AC
  • Re-circulating paint reservoir for non-settling of pigments and print readiness, enclosed in Stainless Steel RITTAL Cabinet

Ink Types:

  • Water Based Inks
  • Ethyl alcohol Inks
  • Isopropyl alcohol inks
  • Ethyl acetate inks
  • MEK inks

PCS Paintjet Marker Picture 1 PCS Paint Jet Marking