CNC Spot Drill

Fast, Efficient, Precise

PCS CNC Spot Drill







For fast, efficient and precise spotting of holes, or in fact holemaking of up to 10mm diameter, the PCS Spot Drill Head is an ideal addition to your CNC Plasma/Flame cutting machine.

PCS CNC Spot Drill for CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

PCS CNC Spot Drill









Compact and lightweight installation

For light duty drilling

PCS CNC Spot Drill Head at a glance:

  • High Quality JACOBS Key Chuck (1/2”)
  • 0.50 – 0.80 Horse Power (Pneumatic)
  • Spot/Drill up to 1/2” Diameter
  • 2,100 RPM
  • 100mm Stroke
  • Utilises the Profile Machine’s pneumatic power supply
  • Pneumatic SELF-FEED quill with pre-set end of travel and mechanically adjustable federate
  • Pneumatic plate clamp for increased rigidity
  • Automatically activated by the Burny CNC (using an M Code in the part program)
  • Limit switches for end of travel feedback
  • Feedback to Burny CNC ‘Inhibit’ input for machine protection whilst drilling
  • Local buttons for manual override functions

Electric versions also available upon request:

PCS CNC Spot Drill for Precise Drilling