The Most Advanced CNC – Burny 10 LCD Plus

Industrial Grade Windows 8.1 PC

The Burny 10 LCD Plus remains the leader in PC-based shape-cutting motion control!

The PLUS is an industrial-grade PC, designed to operate in extreme shop environments where temperature and humidity extremes, metal dust, RF radiation, vibration, and constant machine movement are commonplace. It is easy to learn, easy to use, and allows multiple control and program tasks to be completed simultaneously.

The Burny 10 LCD PLUS CNC Control produces extremely precise and repeatable motion control by utilizing Windows® 8.1 Embedded (operating system) and tenAsys INtime® (real-time motion control).

All PCS machines using a Burny CNC come with a wireless connection and remote diagnostic software that allows PCS to remotely access your Burny for training, maintenance, diagnostics, upgrades etc.

 Burny 10 LCD Plus Specifications
Processor:PC Based Intel Pentium® class and 1GB Memory
Display:15” LCD Color Display
Easy Touch Screen Operation
Robust Industrial Hardware Design
Operating System:Windows® 8.1 Embedded Operating System combined with tenAsys INtime® (real-time motion control).
Pentium® cache memory
Hard Drive:High Capacity >80 Giga-Byte SATA Solid State Hard Drive
Operator Interface:Full Interactive icon and soft key touch sensitive menu system
200 Standard Shapes library which can be expanded
Complete graphic display of parts with non-cutting moves shown in yellow
Functionality :Program Scaling
Program Rotation
Remote Diagnostics
Automatic acceleration and de-acceleration on corners
Advanced cut-loss recovery options also forward and backup on path
Programmable feedrate (can be over-ridden)
Mirror in X, Y and both X and Y
Imperial/Metric Programming
Program Relocation (point move)
Two Plate Alignment Schemes (alignment to selected corner, accounting for non square plate placement)
Kerf Compensation
Real Time Cut Path Display
Home to Limit Switches
Repeat Shapes with three grid patterns including chain cuts
Advanced diagnostics
Password protection for vital machine parameters (user changeable)
Upgrades can be obtained on the internet free of charge
Built in database for tracking consumable usage for plasma and oxy-fuel applications
Connectivity:Ethernet Connections for Windows® Networking,
USB conveniently located on front panel for easy maintenance and configuration
Available Options:Many Options available Including Job Track and On Screen Automatic Nesting software. SERCOS digital real-time optical fiber communication
protocol, plus PCS applications:
Drilling HMI
PCS TurboGas
PCS Plate Track
PCS Smart Fume Extraction
PCS Maintenance Miser App
Many more – contact PCS for details

Example Screenshots:

Burny 10 LCD Plus for CNC Plasma cutter Integration Image

Integration with Spirit II Plasma Systems

Burny 10 LCD Plus for CNC Plasma cutter Wizard Image

Easy to use standard shape wizard