PCS CNC for Plasma Cutter

Profile Cutting Systems have a  CNC for Plasma Cutter or just about any CNC machine application.  PCS work closely with both Burny and Hypertherm and offer custom software development when required.  With PCS, your possibilities are endless…

 Burny Phantom II for CNC Plasma Cutter  Burny Phantom ST for CNC Plasma Cutter  Burny 10 LCD Plus for CNC Plasma cutter  Hypertherm Edge for CNC Plasma cutter
 Phantom II Phantom II ST Burny 10 LCD Plus Hypertherm Edge
PC Based  Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Available Plasma Stations  2  2 4 4
Available Flame Cutting Stations  6  0  12  12
High Power CNC Drilling   Yes   Yes   Yes  No
Plasma Bevel Head  No  No   Yes   Yes
Oxy Bevel Head   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Spot Drill   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Paintjet Marker   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Pin Marker   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
PCS Software Applications   Yes   Yes   Yes  No